I use cold wax and encaustic with found and altered materials to make expressive, intimate compositions that emphasize instinct, fragility, time and memory.
For me, a successful work of art, is not perfect. It leaves you wanting, opening a door to the next piece, containing elements that challenge or are unresolved. Mystery, timelessness, lushness, evocative surfaces are the qualities I strive to create in my work. Luckily, I use processes that invite drips, smears and other beautiful mishaps.
I'm inspired by the emotional power of nature and our connection to it. In observant conversation with my media, alternately controlling and responding to my work to create it. I work with symbolic images as an invocation, layering color and more images to explore and reveal complex narratives and deeper dimensions of meaning. Working to cultivate uninhibited intuition is my way of uncovering the inner logic of an image, allowing deeper meaning to emerge.
Art is our voice.  It insists on permitting the heart to speak, animating a process of a playful urgency, steadily 
guiding me to the next and the next, in the act of creating what appears from within.  It is a journey and 
destination, an ever unfolding process as path.  

As an educator, I want to encourage and inspire my students. I offer vital information, cues and methods for 
students to express the essence of the thing,  in their art work.  Offering skills and guidance, students can  
discover and develop an authentic, clear voice.  I present concise, practical information in a supportive, 
lighthearted atmosphere.

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