Somatic Yoga Classes

Somatic Yoga is the ultimate movement practice for flexibility, balance, strength and grace.
It supports the physical body; respiratory, and neurological systems, releases chronic muscle tightness, improves flexibility and range of motion, enhances athletic performance, prevents injuries, improves balance, reduces stress, improves sleep and breathing.
Somatic yoga is about experiencing the body from within through the discipline of movement re-education.  The movements are active “brain exercises” that use the sensory motor cortex to increase brain neuroplasticity and address the full body pattern problem instead of the symptoms.  It is a practice can be modified to every body.
Catherine Trapani is a 500 hour certified yoga instructor, sharing her passion for helping people for 15+ years, working with people of all ages and abilities throughout the US and Canada.  She completed her 200 hour training at Samadhi Yoga in Seattle, and her 500 hour training with Tias Little at Prajna in Santa NM.  She holds a Usui Reiki Level II certificate and is a skilled Metta Meditation instructor.
Private session $125
Classes are 60 minutes long.  You will need a yoga mat, two blocks and a blanket.
Complimentary “in-home” classes in Madison Park, Leschi, Mount Baker neighborhoods.
Intro Special for first time clients
2 Private sessions $150
($250 value)
Must be used within one week of first class.

Accelerator Special for first time clients
14 Private sessions $1,450
Must be used within six weeks of first class.

Single Membership
4 sessions/ month $440
8 sessions/ month  $840
12 sessions/ $1,200

Duo membership
4 sessions/ month $176/ person
8 sessions/ month. $336/ person
12 sessions/ month $480/ person

Pet Metta: 
Meditation for People and Pets
Metta meditation is a Buddhist practice of befriending ourselves through the repetition of phrases for happiness, health, safety and fearlessness.   It is like planting seeds into rich soil that grow into clarity, ease,  intuition, openness and optimism.  Through the practice of Metta we experience our innate happiness, contentment, creativity and independence.  
Metta can be applied to ourselves as well as loved ones, including our pets and is an effective antidote for anxiety, illness, end of life and other issues.  Pet Metta© will guide you in creating a practice specifically for your pet.  With practice you can use it to enter a state of comfortable ease.  You will find that yourself sharing this journey own compassion, insight and sense of ease will deepen and grow in tandem with our pets.  
Classes are in-person for private sessions and held online for groups.  An introductory questionnaire will be sent upon registration so classes will address your specific intentions.  Feel free to submit any questions.
Private session $125
Group Classes  $300/ four week series
Group session starts June 7th, 9-10am and 7-8pm.  Classes will be recorded and available for one week after each session.

Thank you!

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