SONG AND BLOSSOM   Cold wax on wood.  2018.  

PHOTO ENCAUSTIC + COLD WAX   June 23+ 24, 10:30- 4pm
One or two day workshop.  Open to all levels. 
A comprehensive and fast moving immersion into two synergistic mediums!  In this single weekend, students will learn the foundational techniques for working in  Photo Encaustic and Cold Wax medium.  
Day One provides a solid foundation on the basics of Photo Encaustic including: Image mounting, adding color, altering Image, choosing papers.
Day Two: Students will learn to work with Cold Wax medium.  Learning to add pigment, prime, work on panel + paper, modify cold wax, control transparency, alter paper, create depth, scrape + polish.
THE PRESSLESS PRINT WORKSHOP: "Printmaking Without a Press" June 30, 10:30am- 4pm 
Discover printmaking, acquire new skills to strengthen and invigorate your art work!
This workshop is sure to generate inspiration as we literally layer new printmaking methods to create fresh and exciting work.  Learn: additive and reductive techniques, contact prints, adding mixed media, stencils + masking.
Students will create two art works on Rives paper. Take home materials include an 8”x10” printing plate, class outline and notes. Paper, inks, rollers and all materials will be provided.  Open to all skill levels + artists of all disciplines. 
PHOTO ENCAUSTIC + COLD WAX  August 25 + 26, 10:30am - 4pm (One or two day)
Learn how Photo Encaustic and Cold Wax work together to make luminous and compelling images!
Day One: Photo Encaustic basics.  Mounting, applying wax and adding color with dry and oil based media. 
Day Two:  Cold wax, modifying cold wax, controlling transparency, altering paper, creating depth, scraping + polishing.
To Register:  (505) 989-3283  or email:  MEHRENS@EAINM.COM

ARTISAN MATERIALS EXPO 2018:  September 28
Introduction to tools and techniques for working with cold wax.   A morning of experimenting, testing and playing with alternative media such as cold wax, graphite, pastel, charcoal and collage. 
Dive in, go deeper! Working with cold wax, image transfer, adding new media and techniques, working to push our artwork to the edge! We will learn how to alter + transfer imagery onto panel, creating lush surfaces, luminosity and depth with cold wax and other media. Unleash your creativity as we literally layer new methods of image making as a starting point to create fresh and exciting work!
ARTISAN MATERIALS EXPO 2018:   September 29
Learn the basics and a little more Students will learn to add pigment, prime, work on panel + paper, modify cold wax, control transparency, alter paper, create depth, scrape + polish. Introduction to tools and techniques for working with cold wax.   A morning of experimenting, testing and playing with Cold Wax Medium.  Open to all levels.
Bring an element of rebellion to your artwork with cold wax and mixed media techniques that bring exciting results! Learn alternative techniques for working with cold wax. Experience the thrill of seeing how alternative media and techniques including cold wax, image transfer, printmaking, collage and altered paper will elevate your artwork. Students will learn advanced techniques for working with cold wax medium. We will experiment with image transfer, printing, graphite, pastel, charcoal and oil stick. Experimentation and support for breaking away from habitual ways of working encouraged.
DEVELOPING YOUR CREATIVE VOICE:  Incorporating Cold Wax Into Your Artwork  October 20+21, Encaustic Art Institute
Add new media and working methods to refine and strengthen your creative voice!  An introspective weekend of self-discovery…Incorporating cold wax with media you already work in will yield exciting, spontaneous results, deepening the meaning of the message you are giving voice to.  Looking at art as the product of process, we will uncover content and form, anchoring new ways of working that are uniquely yours.
A PILGRIMAGE TO HOME:  COLLAGE. WAX. MIXED MEDIA, November 18, Encaustic Art Institute
A Pilgrimage is a journey, a search for moral or spiritual significance…  In this metaphorical journey we will explore ideas and beliefs about our personal meaning of home.  Reflecting on the meaning of “home”, students will create an artwork on panel using collected images, using pastel, oil stick, colored pencil, hot wax layers and other media. 
Skills + Techniques:  Altering paper, “Excellence in Gluing”, color expression, composition.  Open to all levels.
A BODY of WORK:  COLLAGE. WAX. MIXED MEDIA  December 1+2, Encaustic Art Institute
Art is the product of process…  whether conceptual, experimental, intuitive or formal, the process you develop yields the image you produce.  The materials you choose, methods of production and the sources of the images should all reflect the interests that command your attention.  The process is ongoing, it does not stop with each work completed.  The cumulative result of that process is a body of work.
Innovative Cold Wax + Mixed Media techniques will be introduced, leading to a deeper clarity on the meaning of your message and help you in choosing the right form for your content.  Artists are encouraged to bring personal imagery, writing and any favorite media.
I teach private and semi-private classes for artists and art makers looking to uncover, deepen and hone their unique ways of seeing and working.
Whether conceptual, experimental, emotional or formal, the process you develop yields the image you produce.   Which media you choose, the way you work with it and the sources of your imagery should reflect the interests that command your attention. 
In private classes we will cultivate ways to work from intuition and analyze with our intellect.  We will explore media as an expression of what we know and experience.  Intuitive and formal composition and color in all of their variations will be considered.  Classes can include: mark-making, printmaking and alt-image making, cold wax and photo encaustic as well as how these media can work together.   Please contact me to arrange your private class.
Two hours = $190.00 for one person.  Add $ 55.00 for each additional person.  

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