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Make it BIG: Cold Wax + Collage
September 14  Encaustic Art Institute of NM
Changing scale can feel very different, challenge and shift your perspective on art making.  Starting from the ground up, we will explore a variety of approaches for working bigger using cold wax, innovative collage, and stencil techniques with wet and dry media.
In this class, we will explore principles of composition, color mixing, to create a mixed media collage on 32”x40” board.  Learn cold wax techniques, including wet into wet layering, additive and reductive to create surface and textures.
Open to all levels and artists of all disciplines!
Students must bring at least one image printed on matte photo or presentation paper.  We will be working on 8"x10" panel.  Contact me with your questions.
September 14, 2019.  10:30- 4PM.  Cost:  $285/One day.  $490/Both days.  Includes all materials, except image.​​​​​​​

Hand Colored Photo Encaustic
October 5th  Encaustic Art Institute of NM
Create dreamy imagery, drive your narrative and process in this innovative workshop tailored for photographers, “artists with cameras”, encaustic, and lovers of mixed media.
Learn essentials of Photo Encaustic, how to hand color your photographs, drawings and photo collage.  Discover unique ways of creating intriguing effects with your images as we explore wax, Pan Pastel and more.  No previous experience required.
Course covers:  Image mounting, media and techniques for hand coloring images, how to add color, texture + surface, choosing papers.
Students must bring at least one image to work on 4”x6” panel. Image can be printed on matte photo or presentation paper.
October 5, 2019.  10:30- 4pm  Cost:  $225  Includes all materials.

Memory of a Tree

Large Panel Cold Wax
November 9 + 10   Encaustic Art Institute of NM
Taking the leap to larger paintings can be intimidating and hard to figure out where to begin. Completing a large scale painting is rewarding and can bring about valuable creative transitions in style and approach.
In this workshop, we will explore a variety of approaches to working in a larger format.  Applying fundamental and advanced methods for working in cold wax, along with composition, and color mixing, we will see how these elements join together to shift our perspective.
Day One:  Cold Wax properties, adding color, controlling transparency and texture.  Scaling up, layering, additive and
reductive techniques.
Day Two:  Advanced instruction for mid-dry and dry state cold wax techniques.  Planning in layers, Finishing steps, coatings.
November 9+10, 2019.  10:30- 4PM    Cost:  $285/one day.  $475/both days.  Includes 30”x40” panel, wax + media.

Essentials of Photo Encaustic + Mixed Media
Learn essential techniques of Photo Encaustic including mounting, priming, adding color, creating smooth and textured surfaces.  Develop your imagery even further with a comprehensive exploration of compatible and complementary media.  Artists can work with photos, photo copy, collage, drawing, and text. 
Open to all levels of experience.
Workshop will cover: Image mounting, hand + low tech image alteration, adding color, texture + surface, along with principles of mixed media.
Students must bring at least one image to work on 8”x10” panel. Image can be printed on matte photo or presentation paper.
December 7+8, 2019.  10:30- 4PM  Cost:  $285/one day.  $485 both days.  Includes all materials, except image.
"The Looks of My Home"  Photo Encaustic.
The “Un-Selfie” Workshop: Re-inventing the Self Portrait in Photo Encaustic and Mixed Media
Take this opportunity to reflect on autobiographical, narrative, personal, and iconic imagery, physical, and emotional aspects of self.  Working with photos, photo copies, collage, drawing, and text, we will create a personal expression to re-invent the Self-Portrait.
Learn essential techniques of photo encaustic and principles of mixed media.  Our workshop will cover: Choosing a substrate, mounting, priming, creating smooth and textured surfaces, adding color.  Come see how these methods and media work together to bring a rich, atmospheric, painterly quality to your imagery.
Date: January 18+ 19 (One or two days)  Time: 10:30- 4PM  
Cost: $285/One day. $490/Both days. All materials included, except images.

I am here for you!  To invite a fresh approach to art making,  coax and encourage your facility to glide between intuition and intellect, to acknowledge and honor your journey.  We are map-makers, explorers and wanderers on an exploration of our unique path.  Whether our ideas are clear, concrete or open-ended, we set the course.​​​​​​​
My classes provide practical information and core skills for complete beginning to advanced instruction.  Classes can include working with hot wax, cold wax, photo encaustic, creating digital imagery, printmaking, cyanotype, principles for adding mixed media.   My studio is equipped with an Epson XP-6000 and Canon Pro-10 printers.  
Personalized Instruction:  $190 for two hours.  Add $55/ additional person.  Add $75 /each hour.    
Beginning, Advanced and Personal Projects:  
$275 for 3 Hours, add $50 for each additional person.  Includes instruction and all materials.  

Thank you!

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